In all its varied forms, logistics play the role of a continuous silent partner in the modern economy. Logistic companies therefore constantly re-examine their business models to suit changing needs of customers as per their business models & strategic imperatives.

Logistics is the management of details in any operation. Logistics is not only the management of material & information but also of relationships. One therefore has to co-ordinate the activities of various participants viz. Exporter, Importer, Customs, Ports, etc. in the logistics chain to achieve your shipping objectives economically, efficiently & consistently.

V. Arjoon was founded in 1925 with the prime objective of providing logistic services to the shipping industry. Continuing the tradition of personalized service which is the key to our success & embracing the winds of change, we have evolved as one of the most trusted & respected forwarders in the industry with a golden heritage of 9 decades..

Years of experience & participation in the process of nation building through revolutionary growth in the logistics industry comes from visionary growth.

Tap into 90 years of experience – V. Arjoon is a global provider of shipping & logistic services. These services are constantly being refined & integrated to serve our customers' increasing needs for competitive solutions. Emphasising trust, dependability with the humane touch, V. Arjoon has been building its reputation in chosen markets since 1925.

V. ARJOON GROUP OF COMPANIES: “Continuing to be a Pillar of Strength in the Global Growth Story of India”
V. Arjoon – Licensed Custom House Agents
V. Arjoon Shipping Limited – India : MTO & Freight Forwarding at major Indian Ports
V. Arjoon Shipping Limited - Hongkong – Freight Forwarding Division & Ship Chartering
Faredeal Maritime Agencies Pvt. Ltd. – Commercial Ship Management and Ship Chartering.
Fairdeal Freight Solutions – Owning and Managing CFS, 3PL service.

The Group management is under the leadership of our Chairman Mr. Tushar Anam. Today, the Group collectively has staff strength of about 300+ personnel.

The Group’s Corporate Office is based in Mumbai with branches and associates at all major ports in India.

V. Arjoon takes into consideration your business requirements & conditions with years of experience backing their decision to provide an unmatched service whether one is venturing into an area for the first time or you are revamping your strategy to address new opportunities.