Management's Desk
“Commitment to Best Industry Service”
Years gone by have witnessed unprecedented global economic & business growth & turbulence. To cater satisfactorily to our customer`s rapid growth based on experience & innovative thinking is required. Such growth comes from envisioning a grand future no longer limited in terms of scale or ability.

The past few years have also been transformational at V. Arjoon. With path breaking initiatives adding to simplifying the logistic side of the business of our customers we ensure that they have a hassle free day to carry on their core businesses.

Over the decades V. Arjoon has responded to the challenges of its industry in a timely manner & delivered accordingly. Remaining focused on our long-term strategy of providing a full spectrum of services efficiently, seamlessly & remaining nimble we proudly share long-term relationships with our esteemed clients old & new.

This reflects the strength of our business model, success of our systems & processes, farsighted planning, meticulous execution & above all our employees who have a will to succeed.

Looking forward we see immense opportunities for growth in the logistics industry. This is likely to be led by emerging economies of Asia, like India.


CHAIRMAN REMINISCES:  “Leading a company that is helping to build the nation is a matter of pride in itself. Taking the V. Arjoon vision forward our success is always inter-woven with the larger interests of our clients & their satisfaction.”

“Best before all in an age where it is paramount to understand your customer`s requirement we have made trust & reliability the DNA of our company.”

Mr. Tushar Anam has been the recipient of
Logistics Personality of the Year, 2014, Gujarat State, India
at Cargo & Logistics Awards.


DEPENDABLE & TRUSTWORHTY – Have the reassurance of working with a company that values its clients integrity & timely commitments.
COST EFFECTIVE – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION………… "the perfect location of our CFS & Wharehouses", multi-disciplinary services, multi-linguistic staff, single window services & experienced staff, leading to the most economical & efficient permutation combination as per clients` needs.
PRACTICAL ACTIONABLE ADVICE – responding to unpredictable regulatory changes, we at V. Arjoon are able to transform it quickly from just another hurdle again to an important value-added driver.
ACTUAL MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENTS - Benefit from our regional, national & international business information based on actual information gathered teamed with years of experience.