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Green Environment

"Green The Supply Chain"

VALUING THE ENVIRONMENT & TAKING NO MORE FOR GRANTED - At V. Arjoon we have always strived to invest into the future. Taking this forward & as a responsible citizen we try to ensure to safeguard the environment adopting to “green the supply chain”.

  • By establishing measurable environmental & fuel efficiency goals it helps to lead to reduced emissions while transporting.
  • At certain times due to the wind velocity we encourage slower speed translating into a lower carbon footprint per teu.
  • Changing over to best-in-class lighting efficiency, lower power consumption leading to low operational costs.
  • Ocean/ truck combined LCL service with day-definite delivery. By providing this reliability it allows our customers to utilize a more carbon-friendly method of shipping & thus reduce carbon footprint per shipment.
  • Print flip print – reuse envelopes inter office, maintaining soft copies... thus saving paper... saving trees.
  • Lean Warehousing processes- focuses on eliminating waste from paper documentation repeatedly, upgraded lighting to new energy efficient lights, fuel efficient forklifts manufactured using environment friendly methods.

All this leads to tangible environment benefits making the world a Safer, Cleaner & Brighter Place To Live In.