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Packaging, Fumigation, Palletization

Packaging / Fumigation / Palletization

“That's Why Our Clients Choose Us To Deliver On What We Say”

In today`s competitive market there will always be a need for a form of customized packing to accommodate the various individual requirements, whether it is to promote a Company brand image, seasonal themes or its promotions.

Our contract packing facility caters to all these requirements along with re-labelling, , private labelling, & re-packing a whole range of varied packing options.

We have designed and developed customized packaging solutions specifically for the requirements of various industries to prevent from transit damages like breakages, scratches, dents, abrasions and corrosion. The divisions have vast product range that includes thermoplastic PE foam sheets and profiles, cross-linked and blended PE foams (block & extruded), as well as air bubble films and composites thereof. We also offer customized products like corrosion resistant, anti-static, UV resistant and metal laminated foam & bubble films, besides EPDM and other speciality rubber foams.

We offer Empty Container Fumigation, Anti Fungal Treatment for Pallets Used in Export Packing, Heat Treatment for Packing Wood Cases, Vessel Fumigation and Aluminium Phosphate Fumigation. In addition to these, we offer Tobacco Fumigation, Anti Fungal Treatment for Wood Packing Material, Heat Treated Wooden Crates and Fumigation of Food Processing Machinery.

With the objective of complete eradication of pests & rodents, safe and effective fumigation is incorporated using the latest methodology.

  • Our portfolio of value added services includes palletization of export consignments. The palletization services are designed for safe loading and unloading of products. It also involves fumigation of the pallets for pest control, preventing shipment from possible damages.
  • Each pallet is correctly packed in the lengthwise and crosswise directions, each correspond to fractions of the internal container width, length and height.
  • Palletized consignments are properly labelled to avoid any confusion.