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Liner Agency

Liner Agency

“Stronghold Of Our Works”

VASPL with years of experience provides a comprehensive Liner Agency package.

Our dual role of maximising service to the Consignor and Consignee, whilst providing first class representation to the shipping line, is a challenge we meet with ease & enthusiasm.

Our Principals are provided with a fully integrated operational and documentary system to meet the most demanding requirements based on high tech communications and IT technology. Including up-to date analysis of traffic flows, cargo volumes, market intelligence as well as full inventory control of equipment.

We offer following Liner Shipping Services:

  • 24-hour monitoring of vessel by experienced & dedicated shipping professionals for fastest & safe cargo movement.
  • Fair & transparent disbursement of funds for port disbursements & other related expenses at minimum costs.
  • All accounts settled in shortest possible time with our vendors as well as our clients & surplus funds refunded immediately using fair & honest means.
  • Contract management with shippers and consignees
  • Excellent relations & co-ordination with Port and customs authorities in order to ensure fastest & most economical turnaround of vessels, enabling to save hugely on time & money.
  • Stevedores information
  • Tally and supervision services
  • Clearing and delivery of ship spare parts
  • Crew change arrangements
  • Bunkering services
  • Vendor contracts
  • Ship handling assistance
  • Principal's fund management